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A group of mob enthusiasts, historians, researchers, connected people who discuss all things mafia connected.

Up To Date Cosa Nostra LCN Charts

Black Hand Contributor Mukremin is another chart designer, but with the main focus being on the current LCN. A very informative resource.

Informer Magazine Published Article

The origins of the New York Mafia from 1850-1923. Co-written with Richard Warner and Lennert Van’t Riet, we explore the history, makeup and leadership of New York’s Five Mafia Families from birth until the start of the Castellammarese War of 1930. Our story concludes where most people begin, complete with over 30 pages of sources and citations.

Informer Magazine’s The American Mafia Site

Hosted by the owner and publisher of Informer Magazine, The American Mafia website serves as an online encyclopedia of organized crime.

Mafia Membership Charts

A indexed list of mafia membership as well as their background. A most excellant research tool.

Gangland News

Weekly articles on current organized crime in the New York area.

Scott Burnstein’s The Gangster Report

Weekly articles on current organized crime in Detroit, Chicago, Philadelphia and New England. Scott Burnstein is the author of Motor City Mafia, Family Secrets, Mafia Prince and more.